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Like an iceberg, the internet is vastly full of surprises, most of ...

A Gift for Mother
Guddu celebrates Mother's Day in his own style.

Whale Strandings - How Much Are Humans to Blame?
The consensus among the scientific community is that a range of factors is to blame.

Six Effective Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy
Here are six tips you can follow to keep and maintain a healthy heart.

What Is an Aurora?
In high latitude countries in the northern hemisphere, the aurora is known as the Northern ...

AI is Changing Business Landscape amidst Pandemics
This article is closely based on the transcript of my talk at XIMB last year ...

Send Emails with PHPMailer and SMTP
One of the most popular PHP library that developers use to send emails in web ...
Batoi Press in Dev21 May 1, 2021

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