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In high latitude countries in the northern hemisphere, the aurora is known ...

AI is Changing Business Landscape amidst Pandemics
This article is closely based on the transcript of my talk at XIMB last year ...

Send Emails with PHPMailer and SMTP
One of the most popular PHP library that developers use to send emails in web ...
Batoi Press in Dev21 May 1, 2021

The Green Mile - Review of a Classic
A brilliant screen adaptation of Stephen King’s famous novel - directed by Frank Darabont, released ...

A Magical Night - Guddu
How did Guddu and his friends have fun? Another story in the Guddu series.

Manoj Das - His Stories Live on
Padma Bhushan, Shri Manoj Das, a writer of the top order, is no more.

Exercise at Home even without Equipment
Top five exercises you may perform at home without any equipment, and keep yourself fit.

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